I often receive kind words from folks after they’ve experienced my private lessons, video tutorials and flight clinics, so I figured I’d share some of those comments here… If you’d like to provide your own testimonial for addition to the website, please use the form on my contact page – thanks!

Just got done with 3 days of lessons with John Barresi and all I can say is WOW!  At the end of the first day my head was ready to explode from all the things that I had learned and I still had two more days to go. John is a fantastic teacher not to mention one of the best if not the best sport kite fliers in the world. John has the ability to teach any level of flying and to be as technical as your mind and body can handle. My level of flying increased immediately the first day. I have never met someone who is so dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about sport kites. John truly lives and breathes sports kiting and has an encyclopedia of knowledge that he is willing to share. The time I spent with John becoming a more skilled pilot would have taken me years to learn on my own if at all. John has a great easy going personality and made learning a lot of fun. If you seriously want to improve your flying skills and knowledge about sports kites I highly recommend John Barresi, he is well worth the investment. One last important note, John loves good ice cream and I’m now convinced it’s his favorite food and part of his required daily diet.

Rick Helmonds, California, CA

Investing in a 3-day lesson with John is one of the best things I’ve done since I started flying dual-line kites. He quickly diagnosed many issues I’d been having with slack line tricks and demonstrated the correct techniques on my own kites, saving me countless hours of trial-and-error. With a calm and easygoing demeanor, John introduced new skills and helped me refine existing skills, always pacing the lessons to push me a little beyond my comfort zone without ever becoming overwhelming. He also taught me the finer points of kite tuning and adjustments that are helping me extend the wind range and squeeze the best performance out of my kites. I recommend John’s instruction to anyone who’s ready to take their kite flying to the next level.

Brian S., California, USA

I have attended many rev clinics hosted by John Barresi over the past 6 years, from beginner to intermediate to team bootcamps where three teams learned a choreographed routine to music.

The most recent clinic I attended was a small mini clinic with just six fliers including John.

John Barresi applies a “calm” yet assertive teaching environment and will ensure you apply yourself to your limits and beyond!

His ability to take fliers from various skill levels , put them together in a group and teach to all to accomplish formations and control with your kite is one of his greatest attributes. I have never walked away from John without learning something new. If you are struggling as a beginner or want to gain confidence flying in groups or just want to be challenged… John’s charismatic and energetic teaching skills will leave you feeling energized and with a sense of accomplishment no matter what your skill level is!!!

Brian Achenbach, Washington USA

After attending my fourth clinic over the course of two years, my respect for John continues to grow. He is such an amazing instructor, who has the ability to use multiple different styles of teaching, depending on what works best for the individual. John easily adapts his techniques to match your skill level, which ensures that you will succeed.

He wastes no time with kites on the ground, using airtime to explain and/or demonstrate what is required. There is constant positive reinforcement coming from John’s mouth… hearing him say “Niiiice!” and “Beautiful!” are a reminder that you are not only learning, but more importantly, improving. When he sees you doing something wrong, or knows of a way you could do it better, John will gently suggest that you “try this instead”. He’s a wealth of information with tips and tricks about everything from unwinding your line to rolling up your kite at the end of the day, and everything in between.

Not only did I learn a great deal of valuable information and skills this weekend, I also now have many drills and exercises I’ll be working on as homework in the days to come. There was such a positive vibe among our group, with so much laughter, I’ve yet to wipe this perma-grin off my face. 

Sari Becker, British Columbia, Canada