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Interview – SportKite.org

3 part interview with Nic O’Neill at SportKite.org, lots of fun, lots of soul in this one. Part 1 https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-eetvu-10f1aaa Part 2 https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-2pri5-110b9ef      


2017 Addict Kite (JB interview)

  Interview in the online French kite magazine Kite Addict, done during my 2016 European tour – be sure to find the “English translation” link near the top or bottom of the page.   http://www.addictkite.com/exclu-interview-privee-de-john-barresi/   If the page is no longer available (AK announced plans to close their doors in 2020), please try one […]

Kite & Friends - Mar/Apr 2015

2015 Kite & Friends

  Features in the German magazine Kite & Friends in August of 2015, both on a personal front and in a separate article about the history and science of dogstaking – I hope you enjoy the read!   John Barresi interview Groundstake Kiting with John Barresi Also, a fun video they made to complement the dogstake […]