Kite Lessons and Instruction

When it comes to learning about kites, there really is no substitute for finding groups of other fliers who share the same interest… So the natural first step should always be to find a kite community, festival or local fliers to connect with… Kite fliers are a social bunch, and you’ll quickly find yourself picking up new tricks and trying other kites for comparison.

As a flier, I personally try to pursue a standard of open information exchange… To use an example as a competitor, I always believed that if I share every secret I know and still win, then I’ve really earned it – whereas if I won by keeping some secrets to myself, it wasn’t really applied skill, it felt like cheating and folks couldn’t benefit from freely shared experience which also limits our evolution.

I try to exemplify this by being accessible at events, encouraging team building events and moderating on a number of kite-related discussion forums online… It’s important to share information, it’s important to connect with people who know their stuff – but if you can’t make it to an event, there are some other options you can explore!

Sport Kite Tips | Video Tutorials | Private Lessons Flight Clinics

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Sport Kite Tips

Before leading you into more advanced opportunities, I strongly encourage you to take a look through some of these tips to bring attention or focus to some of the “do it yourself” improvements that can be made.

    • Develop a standard way of setting up that works, ask the pros how they do it… Setting up and putting away your kites should be the easiest part of your kite flying day, leaving you free to focus on actually flying.
    • The most common bad habit I see with any new sport kite flier is “wandering hands”… The best posture for flying is with your hands in front you, in what you might call a “boxer’s zone”, where you have the most accuracy and power.
    • Wind window awareness, notice how your kite is powered up the most downwind, and learn how to draw back on the lines near the edges of the window to maintain power.
    • Develop line tension awareness, be aware of how the kite responds when you release tension or draw down/back on the lines.
    • Among the first things you should learn are basic landings and relaunches, so you can ground the kite and take off again.
    • Work on 2-3 things at a time, focus on them in sessions, try to identify what’s next in a natural progression, ask other fliers.
    • Fly with Intent, your flying is only as good as what you mean to do with it. Build a flight vocabulary, both singular moves and combinations of varying complexity (sequences that you can repeat).
    • Stay calm, a quiet mind produces the best flight.

Video Kite Tutorials

I’ve been heavily involved in creating essential sport kite video tutorials through KiteLife that are geared to help both hard core fliers and beginners alike… The tutorials you’ll find there are very casual in nature but generally VERY detailed with picture-in-picture (PIP), showing both kite and hands at work so that viewers can learn at a comfortable, yet efficient speed.

Video Examples

More than half of the video tutorials at KiteLife are free (via YouTube), with additional and more advanced tutorial content being available for download (HD or mobile format) as part of a KiteLife subscription.

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Private Kite Lessons

I’m always happy to share on the field, at events as time allows, as well as through online forums and various websites, kiting is my full time vocation and my wife and I are working to build our life and security so while it still feels odd, I’ve developed a a menu of private lessons for folks who don’t want to wait for “natural encounters” and are looking for a fast track to kite flying competency.

    • Dual line
    • Quad line
    • Dogstake
    • Indoor
    • Pairs flying
    • Team flying
    • Or… ?
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For a breakdown of different kite styles (dual, quad, etc), please take a look at the What Kites to Fly page on this website… For the sake of providing consistent instruction, each session will focus on one discipline (dual or quad) unless the student is already highly competent on both (making the transition easier).

This style of instruction is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their skills without having to follow a specific progression of topics, it’s totally freestyle – be yourself and have a pro-level pilot flying there alongside you with positive feedback as you need it, tailored to your natural flow and interests… It’s like regular kite flying, with the added value of an experienced trainer who is totally dedicated to assisting your self-discovery.

Having trouble mastering that trick? Still crashing too much? No problem! We’re right there to pick you up, take you back to where you started, and help you out if you get into trouble, all on an “as you need it” hourly basis or over a full weekend.

(6 hrs)
(12 hrs)
(18 hrs)
1st person $50 $250 $450 $600
2nd person $25 $125 $225 $300
3rd person $15 $75 $125 $150
4th person $5 $25 $40 $60

If a lesson outside of Long Beach WA is cancelled due to weather, there is no refund due to instructor travel and time away.

If a lesson in Long Beach WA is canceled due to weather, we can schedule you into the next open lesson spot to take or complete your lesson. This is usually within 7-14 days. If this is not possible, you will be issued a rain check equivalent to half the value of the lesson, which will be valid for one (1) year from the date of the rain checked lesson.

If you fail to show up at the time of your scheduled lesson (no show), or fail to call (503-890-0280) at least 24 hours before to reschedule your scheduled lesson, you will forfeit 100% of the value of your prepaid lesson and will not receive a rain check. If you fail to show up on time for your scheduled lesson, the amount of time you are late will be deducted from the total lesson time.


Cancellations for lessons in Long Beach WA must be made seven (7) days before the scheduled lesson time for a full refund.  For such cancellations made within seven (7) days of the time scheduled for the lesson, we will deduct a $50 rescheduling or cancellation fee from your deposit.

Cancellations for lessons outside Long Beach WA must be made fourteen (14) days before the scheduled lesson time. Such cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of the time scheduled for the lesson will be forfeit 50% of the lesson fee.

If your lesson is cancelled by us, you will receive a rain check equivalent to the value of the lesson booked.

No-shows are clients who do not cancel but who miss their scheduled lesson for any reason.

No-shows will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee and are unable to receive a refund.

(the fine print regarding rain checks, cancellation and no shows)

NOTE: All rates above are based on local lessons in Long Beach WA, special arrangements can be made for beach locations including Seaside OR, Lincoln City OR, and other venues depending on distance and logistics… Additional expenses such as lodging (basic) and mileage (.50 per mile driven) for the instructor must be paid by the student.

All local Long Beach WA lessons require 1/2 deposit, and out of area lessons should be pre-paid in full, either by Zelle, cash, check or via Visa or Mastercard.

Call (503) 890-0280 or send me an email with your preferred dates to make a reservation.


    • Two 3-hour blocks suggested for each lesson day, with a lunch break between sessions.
    • Rental equipment is available ($25 per pilot, per session), limited to gear on hand, subject to availability.
      (breakage is rare, but broken rental spars or lines may incur a fee of $15-$60 each)
    • Please notify your instructor in advance if you need to rent any equipment.

Kite Flying Clinics / Workshops

I’ve been involved in organizing and leading sport kite clinics since 2005, when I started my first with the World Kite Museum… In 2007, my teammates from iQuad joined in to put on a series of Rev clinics all over the country, and I’m continuing this program under the KiteLife banner often with participation by members of Team KiteLife – both dual and quad, novice to masters, as time and travel schedule allows.

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Where private lessons are individually tailored, full clinics are group events with an average of 18-30 students per class with 2-3 masters level instructors on hand… Whereas private instruction is more flier-defined, the clinics are run with a basic curriculum that is designed to take you through a natural progression of skills and maneuvers.

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