Preparing my 2014 schedule…

Yep, it’s that time again…

A new kiting season is nearly upon us, sure goes fast!

While our last official tour date for iQuad was September 4th (Antelope Island Stampede), I don’t expect my travel schedule to change much for 2014 – new locations, less team flying, but I’m looking forward to spreading myself a bit further up and down the beach at upcoming events… Sort of cracks me up when folks ask:

How are you going to make a living, now that iQuad is retired?

After I stop chuckling, the necessary explanation… iQuad never made a profit and while we did receive an amazing amount of support from both our sponsors and festival organizers, we always worked our tails off for it and did a TON of fund-raising on our own so traveling always cost us personally – if not from travel expenses, through incidentals during travel such as food, airport parking, ferry tickets, taxi, etc, etc, etc, so it’s always been a pastime based on passion.

In 2014, I hope to expand my efforts in the area of clinics, private lessons and “ground level” kite promotion at events all around the country, working to bring up the overall level of flying and public outreach, along with my usual presence as an individual performer and with my wife TK as the pairs team “REVOL”.

If you’d like to inquire about availability, or possibly something special for your event, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks for the ongoing support, hope to see you on a field somewhere soon!