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Forging a new path…

Its been an exciting couple of years, and after a lot of preparation we’ve finally opened the doors at Kite Forge! In an manufacturing industry largely populated by folks who do not actually fly kites, we wanted to create a new company that produces designs BY KITE FLYERS, for kite flyers, each one made to […]


2017 Addict Kite (JB interview)

  Interview in the online French kite magazine Kite Addict, done during my 2016 European tour – be sure to find the “English translation” link near the top or bottom of the page.   If the page is no longer available (AK announced plans to close their doors in 2020), please try one […]

Kite & Friends - Mar/Apr 2015

2015 Kite & Friends

  Features in the German magazine Kite & Friends in August of 2015, both on a personal front and in a separate article about the history and science of dogstaking – I hope you enjoy the read!   John Barresi interview Groundstake Kiting with John Barresi Also, a fun video they made to complement the dogstake […]

I’m honored to have been featured on last month… Click here to read the full article on Having won 26 championships over the past 25 years, John Barresi is the Michael Jordan of kiting. He can roll and unroll a kite into its own string mid-flight like a yoyo, dip his wingtip in […]

The Oregonian

Cool article in the Oregonian, short but sweet and to the point. 🙂 North Portland’s kite pro John Barresi says kites can bring people together and create good will | “I saw this guy at the Marina Green in San Francisco, and I was like, ‘What’s he doing?’ He handed it to me and, […]


Kite-flying team ready to soar By Linda East Brady, Standard-Examiner staff Thu, 08/26/2010 – 5:30pm The sports-flying team iQuad brings kites big and small to the Antelope Island Stampede this weekend to wow the crowd with its airborne acrobatics. Although you may have never seen such a sight with your own eyes, precision team kite-flying […]