Fighting for your passion…

Just caught this video on Facebook, and while I’ve never had to swim or hike for seemingly endless hours, I have flown, taught and performed in pretty much every imaginable condition in all sorts of venues, most of my work is not “direct pay” because I don’t sell units of anything – my whole business model is based on the number of healthy and active kitefliers in the kiting community at at any given point in time.

My income is not determined by selling X number of “something”, it’s based on the ongoing effort on the field, with other fliers, the public, video editing, social media promotion, volunteer time with the AKA, travel to events, clinics and workshops, as well as recurring recognition and celebration of generous spirits that I see shining out there in kite land… To me, that is the “long mile” I’ve been given – it drives me, I’m always moved to see / find / elevate / instigate / participate in the next level of team and community building, but even more so, meeting wonderful folks from all over the world who also have something inspiring to offer, and are hindered only by self-doubt or lack of affirmation.

Hats off to Devin and all the people who recognize this kind of passion!

Check out more of his videos here –

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