What gear do I carry?

For someone who spends a lot of time traveling or out in the elements, having the right supporting gear when you need it is really important… My lifestyle puts a ton of wear and tear on my belongings, and I work hard to find a satisfying balance between durability, size, weight and functionality.


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Kite Designs

As of 2018 you can now find my latest kite designs as they’re released on the Kite Forge website, eventually including models for every kiting discipline that I’m regularly involved with including outdoor quad (Djinn) and indoor dual line (Kaiju) as our charter designs.


While these kites are available to the general public, they were not created as “products”, they were each designed to fulfill a level of performance and accessibility for me and my pilots – what you see from Kite Forge is exactly what I fly, no mods, no tweaks.


Djinn (quad line kite)

Product Info

Kaiju (dual line kite)

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Kite Related

Quad Leaders


These quad leaders (special adjustments on the handles) are to exactingly hand-tied to my specifications (compatible with nearly all “1.5” type quad kites) by Takako Barresi, available for purchase for anyone who is interested – $6 each pair, includes S&H within the USA.


Package includes 2X top leaders and 2X bottom leaders, all made using cored bridle line for maximum durability – 100# is sufficient for everyday Rev 1.5 flying, but 170# is also available (+$2) for stacks and power kites.

Click here for leader installation / tuning info!

Tuning: If you’re not there already, start with your settings way out on the last knots then pull those top knots in one at a time until you are able to launch and fly, this will be your “happy knot” for the time being and may vary depending on wind speed and kite model.

Every couple weeks, repeat the process and eventually your “happy knot” will end up further and further out as your skill increases. This will feel heavy and weird at first, but there is a reason the pro fliers fly this way and it’s well worth the time spent.

Logo Apparel

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Non-Kite Gear

These are all standard items in my travel kit (models may vary from year to year):


UV – Eyes

I spend a lot of time looking up into the sun so good, dark sunglasses are a must – been a big fan of this particular model for many years.

UV – Neck/Face

One of the most versatile items I carry, these are invaluable for UV protection of the neck and face – also good for putting ice on your neck.

UV – Arms

My arms probably see the most exposure when I’m on the field, and these UV protecting arm sleeves are actually cooler than bare skin.

UV – Head

My go to hat at the moment – wide rim, mesh ventilation, sunglass pockets and super crushable so it’s okay to squash it in a suitcase.

Mobile Power

For recharging my phone, bluetooth speaker or anything else, a USB battery is an absolute must-have if you need to stay connected in the field.

Keep Rocking

I love ambiance on the field, a little beat goes a long way and this little Bluetooth speaker is built to survive rain, sand, dust, even underwater.

Bag – Outer

When checking my bags on an airline, I use a larger rolling wakeboard bag to contain my kite bag, clothes and everything else for one clean package.

Bag Storage 

Inside my main checked bag, I have clothes and other miscellaneous items organized using these zippered pouches in various sizes.

Carry On

This durable bag has quickly become my favorite carry on luggage due to it’s ability to split into two backpacks or a single roller.

Travel Bottle

I’ve tried a ton of travel bottles supposedly for both hot and cold drinks but this is the only one that has never leaked on me.