Attending an average of 15 to 35 events per year since mid-2000, I’ve performed at over 150 kite-related events since 2005 alone and am always on the lookout for a new place to fly – if you’d like to inquire about participation at your event, please feel free to email me via my contact page.


To be notified of upcoming events, you can use any of these methods:


  • Forum (register and click “Follow this forum”)
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  • RSS (need an RSS reader to view)
  • iCal (adds events to your calendar)

If you’re a kite flier and going to be at one of the events listed below, please be sure to say hello – believe it or not, I’m actually fairly shy but always enjoy meeting new folks and sharing kiting as a common ground… Kiting is in my soul, extending the kiting experience to both the public and novice/intermediate fliers is always my number one passion at events.

Another great place to look for other upcoming kite events is the AKA Event Calendar, which lists events from all over the world.


Click here to browse my past event archives (2006-present)

No events booked at the moment.

Click here to browse my past event archives (2006-present)